The 5 W Questions of a Workshop

Discover why workshops are essential, when to run them, what they’re useful for, and who to hire for maximum impact.
Let’s explore together!

What is a Workshop?

A structured approach to ensure that a group of people can reach a predetermined objective in a compressed timeframe, supported by an impartial facilitator.

A methodology to ENSURE you reach your destination
Workshops act like a GPS, allowing you and your team to reach your objective by taking the best “route” in a collective way.

Why to run a Workshop?

To UNLEASH your team’s inner creativity.
A lot of heads, acting together and led by the right person, are always better than one Always.
The best output will always arise from everybody’s ideas, specially if they have different backgrounds and personal features.

When to run a Workshop?

Several factors might trigger the need of running a workshop, related to people or the theme (it’s not just about creativity)

  • Background: When dealing with something that needs input from different areas of knowledge/experience.
  • Agreement and Commitment: Ideal when the subject requires approval and actions from other people.
  • Creative Approach: When dealing with something that needs an “out of the box” output.
  • Way Forward: When dealing with something that requires ACTION, it doesn’t matter whether it is something for a short/medium/long term.
What is a Workshop useful for?

Creative workshops are a vital tool for several kinds of goals.  They can be run not only for “ad hoc” projects but for a specific stage of a longer process as well.

Types of Workshops:

  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Claimstorming
  • Strategic Feeding
  • Problem Solving
  • Organizational culture
Who to hire for running a Workshop?

A workshop facilitator always has to be a skilled and impartial person with no stake in the outcome of the workshop. It should always come from outside.

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